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With Narrow Band IoT just around the corner we will see a surgance in devices that allow low battery use and the mobile carrier network for back haul. This allows sensors to be deployed and tracked on the move.

Although there is a cost to initial purchase and deployment of a sensor smart vendors will want to consider deploying sensor devices that can be deployed with a built in eSIMS so they can be deployed now using GPRS technology then remotely switched to NB-IoT when the time is right.

The key benefit to this is centralised carrier agnostic control of the end sensor device added to the financial benefit of not needing to send an engineer to visit the sensor just to change the sim card/carrier APN profile.

All the solutions deliver enable our customers to benefit from this joined up way of thinking. We deliver sensor solutions for our customer that utilise smart connectivity technology and minisies the cost of deployment and operational overhead.

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